Khopesh Dungeon

Creating the Dungeon Level

This group project was set in the universe of ‘Tunic’ and required us to recreate the game’s mechanics as well as give our own spin to it. The setting of our version was Egypt and as one of the level designers on the team, my task was to create one of the dungeons. The concept for my dungeon was that it was in the shape of the ‘Khopesh’ weapon, which you would also obtain upon completing it.

Goals for the project:

Gameplay Features

> Dead bushes that can only be cut with Khopesh to block off player

> Ladder to second floor and breakable floor to navigate around the bushes

> New Khopesh weapon pickup

> Snake enemies to test new weapon on

> Breakable pots and backtrack incentive

Full Playthrough of Khopesh Dungeon:

Looking For a Junior Developer?

I’m actively seeking an opportunity to join an upcoming or established gaming company where I can implement the skills I’ve learned so far and develop them further.