Final Year University Project

Soulless Emergence’ is a fully playable first-person survival horror level, inspired by the ‘Resident Evil’  video game series – made in ‘Unreal Engine 5’.

Set beneath a scientist’s castle, the protagonist must investigate the emerging threat by navigating the dark and gothic environment and find a way to unlock the pathways within the dungeon.

Goals for the project:

Narrative Overview

The scientist’s wife was deathly ill and whilst he attempted to save her, he instead turned her into a monster. 

He referred to his accidental creation as the ‘Soulless’ because he believes that he destroyed his wife’s soul through the relentless experimentation. 

The scientist could not kill his wife, he instead locked her in the dungeon of his castle whilst he desperately tried to invent a cure – but he was unsuccessful.

This was the beginning of the apocalypse: the ‘Soulless Emergence’.

Gameplay Features

> Gunplay to fight against the 'Soulless'

> Lock and key progression

> Interactable pots that contain pickups

> Puzzles to solve

> Unique sections to explore

> Environmental storytelling

> A main objective to retrieve the statues and place them on the pedestals

Full Playthrough of Level Blockout:

Looking For a Junior Developer?

I’m actively seeking an opportunity to join an upcoming or established gaming company where I can implement the skills I’ve learned so far and develop them further.